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In Memory: 54 years ago today. Love and peace to all connected to this story


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53 Years Ago . . .

In memory of all who boarded Flight 705 53 years ago this morning. You are still remembered, and missed, by many.

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In Memory of Myrna Ewert, stewardness on Flight 705

Thanks to Carol Hall for this poignant article. See page 14.

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A special welcome to the family of Max and Ethel Kelinson. Here’s to the memory of your grandparents.

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52 Years

Who would have thought? That one day, so many years past, February 12 could still drag heavy on the heart. Here’s to a lightening of that load if you still carry it.  Here’s to releasing remaining sorrow. Of what didn’t … Continue reading

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Happy Spring to our loved ones.

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In Memory . . .

To the memory of those aboard Northwest Orient Flight 705, and your departure from us 51 years ago today. . . To their descendents, and friends who still remember . . . We raise a toast. And are so grateful … Continue reading

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