Those aboard that day….

The passengers and crew of Flight 705

John C. “Jack” Heil

Born 1923, Yankton, South Dakota. Served in U. S. Coast Guard during WWII from 1941-1945. Married Marian Van Goor in Yankton, December 1946. Employee of Thermo-King Corporation at time of his passing. Age 39. Father of six children age 1-15. Buried in Holyrood Cemetery, Seattle, Washington. As of October, 2011, he has eleven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, none of whom he ever met. His presence in our family has been greatly missed.

George Enloe

George Enloe, born 1915. Grew up in Anoka, MN. Joined Navy in 1941 and became a pilot. Was in Pearl Harbor on the day it was attacked and nearly killed. He served in many battles in the Pacific Theater and some in Europe as well and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in 1943. A park in Anoka, MN, was named in his honor. After the war George worked in construction and for the Flying Tigers, eventually working for Alaska Airlines. He and his wife, Arvilla, had four children.

EnloeGeorgeMonumentPhoto of George Enloe Park monument courtesy of Ray Carlson.



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